1. Only for certain areas in Jakarta City.
  2. Only within 9AM – 2PM for delivery schedule.
  3. IT IS NOT DELIVERY FREE – Customer must pay the delivery cost to the Gojek / GRAB Driver directly.
  4. Please prepare the money for the Gojek / GRABDriver.
  5. Make sure there is Someone whose expecting the coming of Gojek / GRAB in the location.
  6. Any order request for Gojek / GRAB delivery above 2PM will be delivered by tomorrow (except Holiday)
  7. Suplemenku will be the one who call the Gojek / GRAB to deliver Customer’s good.
  8. Our Admin will call the Customer before making the delivery to make the appointment.
  9. Please stand by your Phone when requesting The Gojek / GRAB Delivery.